Many not-for-profits face the challenge of staying in touch with their donors, resulting in lower revenue streams. Additionally, manually managing paper-forms and donor letters is a time-consuming chore for many charities, resulting in a loss of vital staff resources from more productive fundraising tasks.

EzeScan fundraising solutions have been designed to help improve your fundraising activities, with tools that can assist in streamlining your processes and increasing your operational efficiencies. Our solutions allow not-for-profits to gain better control of their fundraising initiatives to help them achieve their desired funding outcomes that will help them to deliver on their core mission objectives.


How EzeScan Helps

At EzeScan we understand and appreciate that key KPI’s for all organisations are increased efficiency, improving interactions with donors and maximising donation revenues, all of which take time and effort. EzeScan helps transform the donation collection process from using hard copy letters and forms posted out by ‘snail mail’ to an ‘on-line’ experience using email for message delivery and web-based forms to accept PCI compliant donation payments. Eliminating these delays combined with new technology is having a direct positive impact on donations. The donor experience is enhanced by using email and web technologies which are intuitive to use. Campaigns targeting specific donor sectors can be quickly initiated along a specific message that targets that sector.

Our NFP Solutions include

  • Online Donor Campaign Portal
  • Document Digitisation
  • Check/Cheque Processing Solutions
  • Fundraising Management
  • Digital Forms
  • PCI Compliance
  • Rejected Payment Management
  • Change of Address Management
  • Email Receipts