17th May 2012 – BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - Outback Imaging Pty Ltd, the home of EzeScan, the most popular production scanning software in Australia, today announced the addition of Scanner Profiles to its existing TWAIN, ISIS and WIA scanner driver interfaces.

Mike Kirkby, Managing Director of Outback Imaging stated that ‘The new EzeScan Scanner Profiles functionality drastically reduces the time it takes to configure scanner settings to scan complex batches of documents.’

‘Traditionally, documents with variable scanner setting requirements would have to be broken up into individual components to be scanned as separate jobs, wasting valuable time configuring the scanner and then scanning the individual documents.’, said Kirkby.


‘For example; the first part of a document may require scanning in simplex, A4, B&W with fixed thresholding. The second part may require scanning in duplex, A5, B&W with dynamic thresholding. The third part may require duplex, auto colour detection, auto paper size detection. Previously you would have had to create 3 separate scanner jobs. Now you can easily configure this in 1 scan job with 3 profiles.’


‘The combination of EzeScan Scanner Profiles with any TWAIN, ISIS or WIA compliant scanner will help our customers further simplify their scanning workflows, allowing them to confidently handle any scanning challenges they might be faced with.’


Outback Imaging has been providing advanced document batch scanning solutions since 2002. With over 750 customers worldwide, EzeScan solutions range from basic batch scanning with manual data entry to highly automated forms and invoice processing.


With its cost effective licencing options and modular design EzeScan has become the product of choice for those responsible for Records, Information and Technology Management.