There must be a better way?

This is the question that many have asked when having scanned more than one document at any one time. With EzeScan there is no need to scan your documents one at a time. Simply create batches of one or more documents, scan them in one go, and EzeScan will help you process them with ease.

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For over 20 years EzeScan has been helping our customers make light work out of document scanning. 

Designed for both “centralised production” and “decentralised ad hoc” environments, EzeScan can help whatever your document scanning needs.

  • Mailroom and correspondence automation
  • Volume Back Scanning
  • Integrated EDRMS records compliance
  • Invoice data capture
  • Forms Processing – Application, Survey, Assessments, Donations
  • HR/student/membership document onboarding
  • Delivery docket/consignment notes
  • Automated document filing
  • Ad hoc scanning from multifunction devices

Save time by scanning your documents in batches using your preferred batch separator method including black pages, barcodes, fixed page count, or forms recognition.

With support for a large range of scanner hardware including production scanners and multifunction devices you can scan and process as many documents as you want without any volume-based charges.

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Tired of configuring your scanner every time you scan?

With EzeScan you can save and reuse your scan job workflows including your digitisation standards and selected image enhancements.

You can also select from numerous output image formats including TIF and text searchable PDF, PDF/A.

With more and more digital born documents being generated you can also use EzeScan to reduce the manual handling of these documents in the same way as the paper.  Just don’t print them and scan them!  Simply batch import them from a folder or direct from an email account and let EzeScan help you process them directly into your digital business workflows.