Myob Integration

Take the hard work out of invoice processing with EzeScan. With advanced automated data capture and native integration with MYOB AccountRight Live, EzeScan delivers the fastest most cost effective method available for you to ingest both your hard copy and electronic invoices into your accounts payable workflow.

EzeScan Integration MYOB

EzeScan's MYOB Integration enables you to:

  • Process both scanned hard copy invoices and emailed invoice attachments
  • Effortlessly capture common invoice data values such as Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Supplier ABN, Purchase Order Number, Invoice Total, etc and upload this information seamlessly into MYOB
  • Browse or search for MYOB Accounts, Categories, Inventory Items, Jobs, and Suppliers with ease
  • Capture the ABN and use it to validate the supplier
  • Output your processed invoices as a text searchable PDF for future reference
  • Work with as many MYOB Servers and MYOB Company Files as you need to. There are no limits to the number of MYOB Servers and MYOB Company Files that can be configured with EzeScan
  • Capture Invoice line item data using EzeScan’s optional LINES Module and assign cost centre codes directly into MYOB
  • Scan or import as many invoices as you like, there are no volume restrictions when using EzeScan.


Scan your invoices using EzeScan’s professional production batch scanning capabilities or import from a folder or direct from an email account. Save and reuse your scan job workflows including your digitisation standards and selected image enhancements. Numerous output image formats can be selected including TIF and text searchable PDF, PDF/A. EzeScan provides support for a large range of scanner hardware including multifunction devices. Scan and process as many invoices as you want without any volume based restrictions.


With only one EzeScan scan job you can capture your selected invoice data values from all your supplier invoices without having to maintain multiple templates. Smart template technology allows EzeScan to automatically detect values from any location on your invoices. These values can be validated against your financial system to ensure data integrity is maintained and exceptions are flagged.


Automate your invoice processing workflow with EzeScan. EzeScan provides scanning, image enhancement, data capture, validation and upload automation. All designed to limit the amount of user intervention and excessive manual processing.


EzeScan provides ‘out of the box’ native integration with MYOB AccountRight Live. For MYOB AccountRight v19 users EzeScan delivers an invoice data capture solution using the MYOB ODBC driver. With a highly configurable interface EzeScan provides rapid deployment measured in days not months, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming custom scripting or programming services.

Deployment Options

Depending on your invoice volumes and the level of automation you require, EzeScan can be deployed as a Workstation solution, Server solution or a combination of both. Flexible licensing options are available to facilitate segmented workflows.  These include scan workstations, automated data validation server and indexing workstations. Options include named or concurrent licences for both scan and indexing/validation workstations.

EzeScan Modular Design

EzeScan’s MYOB invoice data capture solution is built on EzeScan Modules PRO + INDEX + DISCOVERY.  Add optional modules to achieve further functionality.

  • PRO is the core batch scanning and import engine.
  • INDEX provides indexing configuration, fixed field data capture, data validation and data output in CSV/XML format.
  • DISCOVERY adds smart template capture for variable location data.
  • LINES adds smart template capture for invoice line item data.
  • BCR adds barcode recognition.
  • UPLOAD adds the ability to push invoice image and invoice metadata into supported EDRMS and Finance Systems.