EzeScan Modules

EzeScan Modules add additional functionality to both EzeScan Pro and EzeScan Server. Click on a module below to find out more detailed information about what it does and how it can benefit you.

Please Note: Customers ordering additional modules for their existing EzeScan software are required to have the existing EzeScan software under active Software Maintenance cover.


The ARCHIVER module adds the ability to save scanned documents into a simple web based retrieval system. EzeScan ARCHIVER can provide multiple indexed destinations for scan output.  Search and retrieve documents from a file share, selected storage media including DVD using ARCHIVER’S web browser interface. Individual ARCHIVER databases support up to 50,000 documents. ARCHIVER is included in the EzeScan UPLOAD module.


The AUDIT module adds the ability to capture job level auditing information. e.g. how many documents were scanned per day, by which operator, how many documents are waiting to be processed? Reports can be viewed via a web interface, saved to a folder as CSV data or sent as an email attachment.


The BCR module adds barcode recognition functionality to EzeScan. This allows EzeScan workflows to use barcodes to be used for document separation. Both 1D and 2D barcodes are supported. Barcode values can also be used for data extraction with the optional INDEX module.


The DISCOVERY module allows for the capability to use a single EzeScan Form Template to process documents that contain similar data but have different form layouts. The DISCOVERY module is ideally suited to processing Supplier Invoices where the invoices look different but they contain similar fields (e.g. Supplier Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Invoice Amount). It can also be used to process forms where the form data is moving around because of page margin differences due to offset printing, scanner settings, photocopier type or settings, fax machine type or settings.


The ERC (Email Record Capture) module allows you to capture and process email as a record into supported EDRMS.  ERC enables capture of email header data, message body and supported attachments for both operator and automated processing.  Output as individual .eml file plus attachments or as a multi page rendered PDF/A document.


The ICR module adds intelligent character (handwriting) recognition functionality to EzeScan. This allows EzeScan KFI to process handwritten characters in application/survey forms.


The IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) module can be used to sort forms before passing the forms to separate EzeScan workflows for processing. Each form is setup as a template and EzeScan performs a check on each page to determine which workflow the form belongs to.

INDEX (Formally KFI)

The INDEX module (also known as KFI - Key from image) allows EzeScan to be used as data entry application. Data can be typed, derived from recognition engines, or looked up from other systems or SQL compliant databases. INDEX workflows can be configured for operator entry, semi-automated or can be run as a fully automated process.


EzeScan ISIS (Image and Scanner Interface Specification Module) adds ISIS scanner support to EzeScan PRO.


EzeScan KIOSK converts an EzeScan PRO desktop installation to a workgroup kiosk (touch screen) interface.

LINES (Line Items)

The LINES module enables EzeScan to extract the line item data from an invoice with great precision and speed.


The MICR module adds magnetic ink character recognition functionality to EzeScan. This allows EzeScan to process the MICR lines on the bottom line of bank cheques/checks.


The OMR module adds optical mark recognition functionality to EzeScan. This allows EzeScan INDEX to process tick boxes and radio buttons on application/survey forms.


The UPLOAD module adds the ability to upload documents into an EDRMS, ODBC compliant database, FTP, SMTP or WebDAV location. The UPLOAD module supports many popular EDRMS products. These connectors are maintained by EzeScan. This allows for an out of the box solution with your scanning application and EDRMS.


The EzeScan Developer plugin allows developers to create integration's between EzeScan and other document management systems.

Pease Note: We do not offer an API to embed EzeScan into third party products.