EzeScan's Line Items Module

The LINE ITEMS module is an optional module that requires EzeScan PRO & KFI & DISCOVERY. The EzeScan DISCOVERY module uses the EzeScan ADVANCED OCR module to provide EzeScan with the capability to use a single EzeScan Form Template to process documents that contain similar data but have different form layouts. DISCOVERY is ideally suited to processing Supplier Invoices where the invoices look different but they contain similar fields (e.g. Supplier Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Invoice Amount). It can also be used to process forms where the form data is moving around because of page margin differences due to offset printing, scanner settings, photocopier type or settings, fax machine type or settings.

EzeScan Line Items Module

Module Features

  • It's fully integrated within the product
  • Uses Intelligent Grid Row searching to find information based on different grid column layouts
  • Popular for Supplier Invoices i.e. extracting line item information like Description, Code, QTY, Price
  • Can be used on invoices with variable layout i.e. grid position moves and the number of grid columns and rows is not fixed
  • Line item row/column data is output in a CSV format
  • CSV data comprises 1 row of heading row data, followed by multiple rows of line items data.