EzeScan's Magentic Ink Character Recognition Module (MICR)

MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) is a recognition engine that EzeScan utilises to read the MICR line characters (bank branch bsb, account number, cheque number etc) printed in magnetic ink on the bottom of bank cheque/checks. The MICR characters are read by EzeScan and passed into our KFI module for operator verification.

EzeScan MICR Module

Features and Functionality

  • It's fully integrated within the product
  • The MICR module provides EzeScan KFI with the ability to perform zone based MICR
  • MICR bitonal and colour images (colour images are converted to bitonal prior to MICR)
  • MICR Confidence Threshold set at the zone level
  • Option to enhance (darken) the zone
  • Option to aggressively despeckle the zone
  • Easily extract the cheque/check number, bank branch and bank account number details from the MICR line data.