EzeScan's Intelligent Character Recognition Module (ICR)

The EzeScan ICR module is separately licensed and adds handwriting recognition from boxes and forms, when used in conjunction with the optional KFI module. The ICR module allows EzeScan to automatically read numeric and alpha numeric handwriting and pass metadata into the EzeScan KFI screen for processing. This simplifies the processing time for an operator, as they do not need to index the information manually.

EzeScan ICR Module

Features and Functionality

  • The ICR module is an optional module with EzeScan PRO & KFI
  • It's fully integrated within the product
  • The ICR module provides EzeScan KFI with the ability to perform zone based ICR
  • ICR bitonal and colour images (colour images are converted to bitonal prior to ICR)
  • ICR Confidence Threshold set at the zone level
  • ICR Classifier set at the zone level
  • Option to enhance (darken) the zone
  • Option to remove character boxes from non dropout forms
  • Option to remove combs from non dropout forms
  • Option to aggressively despeckle the zone

How Does it Work?

The EzeScan KFI module will automatically find the zone that needs to be read by the EzeScan ICR module and will return the handwritten value to the KFI indexing panel.

EzeScan will then check the % confidence level of the result and if met, EzeScan will automatically move to the next field. If the confidence level is not met, EzeScan can either move the image to an exception queue or pause, and the EzeScan operator can then verify the value and then move to the next index field.