EzeScan's INDEX Module

The INDEX module (also known as KFI - Key from image) provides the user interface to define, capture and input data from documents. INDEX supports zonal OCR and look up lists which can be populated from other systems such as SQL compliant databases. Additional optional recognition engines can also be configured to capture forms-based data.

EzeScan Index Module

Features and Functionality

  • It's fully integrated within the product
  • Simply switch between Standalone, EDRMS and INDEX modes
  • The KFI admin form allows you to configure KFI type definitions
  • A basic KFI definition type is provided from which others can be cloned
  • Each KFI type can have an unlimited number of index fields
  • Fields can be set for mandatory or optional data entry
  • Fields can have minimum & maximum field length set.
  • Fields can be defined as either be Alphanumeric, Numeric or Date
  • Fields can have a preset default value
  • Field zone coordinates can be predefined or drawn dynamically
  • Field zones can be set-up as OMR Zones
  • Field zones can be set-up as OCR Zones (requires optional OCR module)
  • Field zones can be set-up as ICR Zones (requires optional ICR module)
  • Field zones can be set-up as MICR Zones (requires optional MICR module)
  • Field zones may be captured as separate TIF images
  • Field zone values may be used from previous field values on the same document
  • Field zone values may be used as part of output filenames
  • Field zone values may be used to create output sub directories
  • Fields support the use of pull down lists
  • Pull down lists can be either editable or non editable
  • Each numeric index field supports range from and to values
  • Mandatory index fields are shown in red
  • An unlimited number of KFI type definitions can be set-up
  • KFI type definitions can be exported to other EzeScan workstations
  • KFI works with both Scan and Import
  • Generates a TIF or PDF document, plus an index file (in either .TXT csv or .XML xml format)
  • Indexing info includes "filename.tif", "scanned by", "scan date", "scan time", "index1" through to "Index 10"
  • Each index field can be set to retain (carry over) indexes to the next profile form
  • Navigate between the index fields by using tab to next field, or shift tab to go backwards