EzeScan AUDIT Module

The AUDIT module is an optional module in the EzeScan Suite. The AUDIT module can be used by an organisation wishing to capture scanning related operational auditing statistics for use in evaluating improvements in business efficiency. The audit module allows administrators to track and audit productivity and profitability automatically rather than having to use alternative manual logging processes. For individual EzeScan workstations, AUDIT can provide logging of various scan operator actions. For EzeScan SERVER, AUDIT can provide logging of scan routing processing actions.

EzeScan Audit Module

Features and Functionality

  • Generate audit reports by individual job or multiple jobs
  • Generate audit reports for individual users or all users
  • Options for summary or full detail reports
  • Generate audit reports by Outstanding, In Progress, Deleted, Routed or Completed jobs
  • Generate audit report in either html or csv format
  • Send audit reports to screen, file or email
  • Send individual workstation audit data to enterprise ODBC compliant databases for advanced reporting requirements.

Captured Data Includes

  • Job Name (Job or Route name)
  • Module Type (PRO or ROUTING)
  • Destination Name (i.e. KFI, EMAIL, FTP, etc.)
  • Input Filename (imported file name i.e. Sample.tif)
  • Input Folder (the import folder)
  • Output Filename (the output filename if applicable)
  • Output Folder (the output folder)
  • Output Email (Routing only)
  • Output FTP Server (Routing only)
  • File Type (i.e. PDF, TIF)
  • File Size
  • File Date
  • Page Count
  • Elapsed Time
  • Rule Name (i.e. UNMATCHED, EXCEPTION)
  • Processed By (Current login name)
  • KFI Index File 1 (the primary index file path for output document – KFI only)
  • KFI Index File 2 (the secondary index file path for output document – KFI only)
  • Key Strokes (Operator indexing)
  • Workstation Name (PC name)
  • Operator Name (Current login name)
  • Zone Errors (i.e. 5 field errors – only applies to Job + KFI processing)
  • Scanner Settings (i.e. ADF, Duplex, 24Bit Colour – Jobs only)
  • Applied image enhancements.