EzeScan DISCOVERY Module

The DISCOVERY module is an optional module that requires EzeScan PRO & KF. The EzeScan DISCOVERY module uses the EzeScan ADVANCED OCR module to provide EzeScan with the capability to use a single EzeScan Form Template to process documents that contain similar data but have different form layouts.

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EzeScan Discovery Module

Features and Functionality

DISCOVERY is ideally suited to processing Supplier Invoices where the invoices look different but they contain similar fields (e.g. Supplier Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Invoice Amount). It can also be used to process forms where the form data is moving around because of page margin differences due to offset printing, scanner settings, photocopier type or settings, fax machine type or settings.

The EzeScan DISCOVERY module extends the great functionality that EzeScan KFI provides, by enabling a more highly automated method of capturing forms data where the form data layout is not fixed.

  • It's fully integrated within the product
  • Uses Intelligent Keyword searching to find information based on different form layouts
  • Popular for Supplier Invoices i.e. extracting field information like Supplier Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Amount
  • Can also be used for structured forms that have a lot of movement, i.e. faxes or scanned from different sources

How does it work?

  1. Define the fields that you want to capture using the existing EzeScan KFI Admin form.
  2. For each field DISCOVERY options are applied. You will need to setup the search terms you are looking for within this zone.
  3. Next you need to identify where the target words are located near the search term. They will be either to the left or right of search terms.
  4. Then you need to identify how many target words are included in the results. This can be set as within N words, or within N lines of the search term.
  5. And finally you can provide clues as to what the target words/lines should contain. Amounts might include $ characters, whereas dates might include / or – characters. These help to ensure that right target words are captured as the KFI field value.
  6. When the EzeScan KFI job is run, data entry fields configured to use DISCOVERY will try to automatically discover the target words that are located on the form. Words that are successfully located are displayed highlighted with a blue border and the target word value is automatically placed into the data en try field. If the target word can not be found, the value can be manually found by zooming the image and keying the value into the data entry field.