15 May 2012 – BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – Outback Imaging Pty Ltd, the home of EzeScan, the most popular production scanning software in Australia, today announced the release of its ‘LINE ITEMS’ Capture Module for its existing Invoice Data Capture solution.

Mike Kirkby, managing director of Outback Imaging, said, ‘We are proud to release our new LINE ITEMS Capture Module which will further reduce the valuable time and money our customers are spending on manual data entry.’The EzeScan ‘LINE ITEMS’ module along with EzeScan ‘DISCOVERY’ module utilises EzeScan’s ‘Smart Template’ technology to automatically search and capture key information on documents such as invoices on the fly.


Output scanned images can be automatically uploaded to supported EDRMS/ECM systems. The captured invoice metadata can be output for upload to finance and other line of business applications.


Kirkby said, ‘EzeScan continues to offer the most cost effective invoice data capture solution available today in Australia. With the inclusion of line item capture EzeScan offers a high end solution without the high end price tag.’


Outback Imaging has been providing advanced document batch scanning solutions since 2002. With over 750 customers worldwide, EzeScan solutions range from basic batch scanning with manual data entry to highly automated forms and invoice processing.


With its cost effective licencing options and modular design EzeScan has become the product of choice for those responsible for Records, Information and Technology Management.