EzeScan's Barcode Recognition Module (BCR)

The BCR module is an optional module in the EzeScan Suite.

The BCR module allows the operator to configure batch scanning using barcoded documents. By detecting barcodes located anywhere on the first page of each scanned document EzeScan can easily determine where each document in the batch starts and finishes. This simplifies the pre-scanning batch preparation process. Barcodes may be preprinted on the scanned documents, or applied before scanning depending on the client’s requirements. EzeScan can also be configured search parts of the page (i.e. top, centre or bottom) and even look for a specific barcode font so it does not misread other barcodes that may appear on an image. Bar-coded batch header documents can also be added to the bar-coded documents to create a powerful automated document indexing solution.

Features and Functionality

  • Works with the EzeScan Pro, KFI and SERVER modules
  • The BCR module provides EzeScan with the ability to detect batch documents using barcodes
  • Up to 27 barcodes types are supported
  • Any barcode orientation (horizontal, vertical, skewed)
  • The barcode can be located anywhere (A) on the first page of each document
  • Or the barcode can be located in top 1/3 (T) of the first page of each document
  • Or the barcode can be located in middle 1/3 (M) of the first page of each document
  • Or the barcode can be located in bottom 1/3 (B) of the first page of each document
  • Or the barcode can be located in the corners (C) on the first page of each document
  • Barcodes replicated on page 2 onwards are ignored, until barcode number changes to signify new document
  • Includes ability to name images as barcode_number.tif
  • With KFI module, provides ability to capture barcode_number as a KFI field index
  • With OCR module, provides ability to capture barcode_number in text searchable pdf's
  • Barcode extraction mask allows partial extraction of barcode value
  • Recombine barcoded documents into one text searchable PDF
  • Extract PD417 barcode fields into a CSV formatted text file

Supported Barcodes

  • ADD 2
  • ADD 5
  • CODE 128
  • CODE 32
  • CODE 39
  • CODE 93
  • EAN 13
  • EAN 8
  • IATA 2 OF 5
  • Patch Code
  • PDF417
  • PDF417
  • QR
  • UCC128/EAN128
  • UPCA
  • UPC

How does it work?

  1. On the EzeScan Operator Action form simply select the Batch Scanning “Barcode” option. This tells EzeScan to use barcode detection when locating new documents in the batch.
  2. Click the Doc(1) button to configure the document barcode processing options. If using a Batch header bar code cover sheet, click the Batch(1) button to configure the Batch barcode processing options. Supplier search terms could be ‘Pty Ltd’, ’ltd’
  3. For both Document and Batch the next step in the configuration process is to select the barcode font type and the barcode location. When you specify the type of barcode and its location you can dramatically help speed up batch processing when barcodes are used as document separators. If the barcodes contain a specific prefix or a Minimum and Maximum character length, the operator can specify this in the Starts With option. This will again increase accuracy of ensuring that the correct barcode is used in the batch
  4. The Barcode value can be used to name the image, create a Sub Folder or can be used to be passed onto the optional KFI module for use with KFI functionality.
  5. EzeScan can also be configured with Barcode Exception handling. If a barcode is not found, EzeScan can either send an email notifying the operator of the failure and / or copy the file to an exceptions folder so processing can then begin on the next scanned image

Download EzeScan's BCR Module Brochure here.