iManage Work Integration

EzeScan has been providing advanced batch scanning and capture solutions to document management clients globally since 2002. With advanced power indexing features and native integration with iManage Work, EzeScan delivers the fastest most cost effective method available to capture and register both your hard copy and electronic documents.

EzeScan Integration iManage

EzeScan's iManage Work Integration enables you to:

  • Apply all field data (Client ID, Matter ID, Class, Sub Class, Custom 1 to 30, Author, Operator)
  • Allows for browsing to Folders to store documents
  • Auto filing using barcodes
  • Auto filing to Folders by searching the Workspace description or by custom property
  • Auto select subfolder based on folder name
  • Apply or inherit permissions.


Scan your documents using EzeScan’s professional production batch scanning capabilities or import from a folder or direct from an email account. Save and reuse your scan job workflows including your digitisation standards and selected image enhancements. Numerous output image formats can be selected including TIF and text searchable PDF, PDF/A. EzeScan provides support for a large range of scanner hardware including multifunction devices. Scan and process as many documents as you want without any volume based restrictions.


EzeScan’s power indexing wizard guides an operator through the registration process capturing data when possible via zonal OCR or use of the OCR pen. Perform database lookups on the fly or select field data via drop down menus. Define and reuse static metadata to limit the number of keystrokes or eliminate them altogether to deliver impressive productivity gains.


Automate your document scanning workflow with EzeScan. EzeScan provides scanning, image enhancement, data capture, validation and upload automation. All designed to limit the amount of user intervention and excessive manual processing.


EzeScan provides ‘out of the box’ native integration with iManage Work. To the end user this means a seamless experience when scanning and registering documents. With a highly configurable interface EzeScan provides rapid deployment measured in days not months.

Deployment & Licensing

Flexible deployment and licensing options are available to suit your needs. These include named and concurrent licences for scan workstations, scan/index workstations and index only workstations. As a decentralised solution EzeScan SERVER can be deployed to provide distribution scanning from MFD’s direct to iManage Work or provide background processing for high volume production workflows.

Modular Design

EzeScan production scanning solutions are built on our base product EzeScan PRO (which includes as standard batch separator technology, inbuilt OCR, and FOI/redaction capabilities). It can then be extended through the addition of optional power indexing and automated capture technologies. We have bundled the essential EzeScan modules required to batch scan, power index and upload to iManage Work as a single product we call EzeScan DMBundle (EzeScan PRO + INDEX + UPLOAD + BARCODE). The EzeScan DMBundle provides the scanning interface to scan, QA and process batches of documents. The power indexing wizard guides the operator to input, capture and validate data, database lookup and upload both scanned documents and index data seamlessly into iManage Work at speeds previously unattainable. With this configuration you can type in an index value, choose a lookup list value, or capture index values from documents (using the inbuilt OCR module, or optional handwriting, tick box and invoice data capture modules) and then use them to populate respective fields in iManage Work. You also have the choice to reuse fields automatically, or auto populate, saving considerable time not having to reselect the same values. Select an EzeScan DMBundle today, safe in the knowledge that you can add modules for optional data capture technologies at a later time.

EzeScan iManage Modular Design