The ½ day EzeScan Operator Training Course provides the students with the relevant information that will allow them to operate the EzeScan software. This will allow them to run EzeScan jobtypes that can be used to accomplish different scanning tasks within their organization.

This EzeScan Operator Training Course is tailored to suit the needs of the clients based on the actual EzeScan Modules they have purchased. The training courses are taught from the relevant EzeScan Module User Guides.

A typical Operator Training Course Agenda is shown below.

Course Agenda

9.00 – 09:15

  • Overview of who Outback Imaging is.
  • Overview of the EzeScan+ PRO Module suite that were purchased (e.g. PRO, AUDIT, BCR, EDRMS, KFI, MFD, OCR, ROUTING, UPLOAD)

09:15 – 09:45

  • Help->Shortcut Keys.
  • Help->About (Version information).
  • Help->User Guide.
  • Help->Custom User Guide.

09:45 – 10:15

  • Explain document scanning.
  • Explain batch scanning with separators.
  • Explain batch scanning with fixed page count.
  • Explain batch scanning with barcodes.
  • Document Preparation For Scanning.

10:16 – 11:00

  • Explain what the purposes of Jobtypes are.
  • Explain what each tab does from left to right (Scanner, Import, Enhancement, Profiling, Output, OCR).
  • Explain how to run a job type.
  • Explain how to confirm the job type output is correct.

11:00 – 11:15

  • Explain how to move around in the viewer from document to document.
  • Explain how to add, replace, delete, move scanned pages in the batch.

11:15 -12:00

  • Overview of KFI.
  • Explain KFI navigation keys.
  • Run a KFI jobtype.

12:00 – 12:30

  • Basic troubleshooting.
  • Logging a support request.