EzeScan helps City Council overcome its COVID 19 planning workflow challenge.

Bayside City Council

With the arrival of COVID 19,Bayside City Council was tasked to reduce the human touch points associated with the current planning approval workflow.
EzeScan Bayside City Council COVID Case Study PDF

Melbourne’s Bayside City Council reduces the opportunities for virus transmission with the assistance of an EzeScan digitisation solution. Here’s why they did it...

The traditional planning workflow was based on physical document submissions and objections. The council was faced with having to implement a new digital workflow in a short period of time without compromising the integrity of the planning submission process, whilst satisfying the COVID legislative requirements.
EzeScan software was configured to capture web form objections, automatically process them as the original record, redact a copy and automatically publish it to the Council’s website.
This digital transformation project was delivered successfully in a short period of time with the minimum of disruption to the process, whilst maintaining the safety of the community.
“EzeScan was able to make sure that we got everything up there without any issues whatsoever, so we now have a record of the original objection which has not been tampered with, as well as the redacted version as required by the COVID legislation.” - Alistair Bourrilhon, Corporate Records Coordinator at Bayside City Council