RPF Building Automates Accounts Payable Processing

RPF Building

RPF Building is an Australian insurance repair builder responsible for processing a high volume of claims a year into their repair job management software, Prime Ecosystem. They are required to process and manage invoices received from multiple suppliers for multiple jobs, ensuring they are paid in a timely manner and claims are completed quickly.

RPF Building, Australia’s leading insurance repair builder, implements EzeScan CLOUD AP Invoice Automation for their Prime Ecosystem - the leading repair job management software in Australia for insurance builders.

Employees have to manually process invoices from their finance system back into Prime Ecosystem which is time consuming and prone to errors.
EzeScan’s seamless integration with Prime Ecosystem and power indexing capabilities allows business-critical information to be automatically extracted from invoices and validated in real-time using database lookups with Prime Ecosystem. Exceptions are automatically flagged and can be reviewed in EzeScan WebApps from any device.
The EzeScan solution has reduced costs for RPF Building by removing the need for manually processing invoices into Prime Ecosystem, reduced the time taken to process invoices and improved accuracy and achieved greater visibility and control over AP process.
"The AP department of any organisation plays a critical role in the financial management of the company. It is responsible for processing invoices, ensuring that payments are made in a timely manner, and maintaining accurate records. The manual processing of invoices can be time consuming and prone to errors, resulting in delays and increased costs." Andrei Gromek, Group Financial Controller at RPF Building