There are 2 types of licenses available (production or evaluation).

  1. Production licenses are either Perpetual (for a single pc generated on a per named seat basis) or Concurrent (shared between an agreed number of PC's, uses a license server to manage the allocation of those licenses).
  2. Evaluation licenses are time bombed to expire after the expiry date.

Here's how to install your Evaluation or Production (Perpetual) license:

  1. Start EzeScan.
  2. Wait for the license warning screen to disappear.
  3. Use the Admin->Licensing menu option.
  4. Press the Import button and browse to wherever you put the license.
  5. Open the license. If it is okay EzeScan will ask you to exit and restart EzeScan.
  6. Exit EzeScan, restart EzeScan.
  7. This time when EzeScan starts it should say XX days left in evaluation, or if it is a production license the software will load straight without any messages.

This FAQ deals with how to load a standalone license, not a current license.

For information on the different types of production licenses please click here

Please Note: Customer licenses default to being Perpetual Licenses, unless Concurrent Licensing is specified on their Purchase Orders.

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