You start EzeScan. setup a job that uses the Other Destination set to use the Hummingbird DM 4/5/6 integration. You successfully save 1 file into Hummingbird DM from Ezescan, but then it refuses to save any more. You discover that you have to manually kill off the dm.exe process to get it working again,

Try this to fix the problem:

Before you start EzeScan make sure that you have started and signed onto the Hummingbird DM extensions. If you do this first before you start Ezescan everything should work. Also make sure that you have EzeScan.exe 4.1.46 or higher.

To start the Hummingbird DM extensions use the Start->Programs->Hummingbird->DM Extensions->Windows Explorer DM extensions menu item.

You could create a batch file that starts the DM Extensions and then start Ezescan.

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