Chris Vincent, Team Leader Corporate Information at City of Kingston

We worked really closely with EzeScan consultants who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area. Any question we had, they were able to respond and ensure that we were doing the right thing from a system point of view when we were making changes and also what the system needs to push the right data to the form. It’s now a simple, repeatable process...thanks to the initial work that was done by the EzeScan team.

Ordance Survery Team Member

Implementation was quick and easy with EzeScan conducting two days of configuration work offsite and then just one day onsite installing, setting up and training the operator how to use the software and scanners.

Ross Forgione, Chief Information Officer, Johnson Winter & Slattery

I think of our EDRMS implementation as a hub-and-spoke situation, and the EzeScan product is one of those spokes that provides us with some pretty key functionality. It does what it says it would do on the box, as well, which is always nice. Unlocking that cache of information allows us to compete more effectively with other firms. It’s just one more way I see iManage taking us above where we are now

Sharon Petford, partner at Donn & Co.

The scanning solution is quick and reliable and we’ve not had any major issues so far. It’s also very user-friendly - staff don’t need an awful lot of training on it. It’s self-explanatory and just takes a couple of clicks. Keeping staff happy is quite high on the firm’s agenda - having an accurate and speedy scanning solution makes them more comfortable and will motivate them to work hard on more thought -challenging tasks

Shane Els, Followmont Transport’s Project & Systems Support Manager

Since the rollout of EzeScan Central OCR we have managed to save on average 2-3 hours per location on document processing, freeing up resources. EzeScan has improved our standard reporting and the Proof of Delivery documents are in the system faster. This improves our invoicing turnaround times and directly decreases our debtor days.