Travis (USA)

That fixed it.  We’re all  set now.  Thanks again for all your help.  We are very glad we chose your company for our scanning solutions. Thank you

Phil (Australia)

Thanks for that, very much appreciated - great product and great support.

Sheryl (Australia)

Can I please pass on a huge thanks to Koko and compliment you on how helpful and professional he is, it is a pleasure to speak to him. Thanks

Trudi (Australia)

I just wanted to pass on some feedback in relation to your staff.  We are new users to EzeScan, we implemented TRIM in April this year and our provider also installed Ezescan for us as part of this process.  The set up of the Ezescan was quite basic and we knew that it could do a lot more than what was shown to us.  We made contact with Ezescan a few weeks ago directly and the assistance and advice that has been provided to us over the last few weeks has been invaluable.  Staff have gone out of their way to assist us and nothing has been too difficult.

I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the help we have been given. We have been given the tools to be able to streamline everything that we were doing and become much more efficient in the way that we process our correspondence.  Many thanks!

Jessica (USA)

EzeScan saved me.  I can't say enough about the product!!  It is simple to setup, easy to rollout and helps in many scenarios.  I look back at all my previous consulting engagements and see so many places that would have benefited from this product.  Lucky for my new clients that I have this in my book of solutions...