Dave (Australia)

Hi Fabian,

As you’re probably aware, we are running Ezescan on a dedicated scanner.  And we’re entirely happy with it.  It seems to be performing flawlessly.

OTOH, as you might know, we also have a competitor’s product that is running in a batch mode for other PDF/A conversions.  Unfortunately, this product seems to fail on converting to PDF/A on a regular basis.  And sometimes, once it fails, it will fail on all subsequent documents until restarted.  So, we’re on the lookout for a replacement. 

What the existing conversion program does is to monitor a folder for PDF files and when it finds one, it converts it to PDF/A format, puts the result in a different folder and deletes the original.  We would like to know if you’ve got something similar that we could run stand-alone in a batch environment or even as a piggy-back on the current scanner software (which is running on a dedicated PC anyway).

Regards Dave

Narelle (Australia)

HI Demos,

Michael has been a great help and we are starting to get great output with the program.  My Correspondence officer is in love with it now.

Glenn (MAF Australia)

Dear Ezescan,

MAF Australia would like to express their appreciation for the determination, efficiency, professionalism and friendliness of the staff involved in the implementation of a scanning solution.

Ezescan managed not only to interpret our many and varied forms and cheques but also managed a very complicated interface, automatically populating/linking into our database.

Their attention to detail and persistence in “getting it right” was commendable. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Simon, Rhys and Will.

Dayne (USA)


I love the EzeScan (Software) and appreciate all the service you have given us. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Vinay (Australia)

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say thank you to you and Will for the great job you did for us last Friday. Thank You for being patient and setting up our machines the way we wanted them.

I will keep in touch with you when we know what other configurations we need for our clients.

Once again thank you and kind Regards.