Robert (Australia)

Hi Demos

just a note to say what a great job Thean did for us, very responsive, easy to work with, knowledgable.

great experience……………..

Dale (Australia)

Training and installation went well.  Very impressed with Steve.  Thanks.

Murray (New Zealand)

Can I also just add that I am very impressed with Ezescans flexibility (both software and as a company) and you're responsiveness in dealing with any issues raised. The product has more than lived up to the expectations and my staff have been impressed by how easy it is to configure and use.

Al (Australia)

Eight minutes to wait for a licence ... are you guys kidding !

Great service – Thanks heaps.

Kim (Australia)

Gentlemen, thank you so much for supporting my workshop yesterday.  Steven – the feedback from participants was totally favourable and I will be surprised if you don’t get a couple of calls out of it.  In particular, there was a lot of later discussion about dealing with forms –more options there than anyone had really thought about.  I’m sorry you couldn’t stay for lunch and was not the only one to say so!