Chris (Australia)

“Hi Tony, this is great, thank you. I know that these small changes to our front end data entry will make a big difference to the team. Especially as they go through lots and lots of addresses with each days registration.

This morning I saw Sylvia manually deleting this extra data and asked what she was doing as I couldn’t believe they were doing this manually for each document entry.

I told her that EzeScan could do this for us and she didn’t believe me at first! So I told her to email Fabian and have you guys weave your magic J

Really appreciate you being able to work with us and have our settings updated all on the same day so quickly.
The response turnaround time is as impressive as ever with you guys.”

Paul (Australia)

“The service delivered to us has been exceptional and outstanding from both yourself and Will. I am more than happy to act as a verbal reference anytime.

Thank you for all of your support. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”

Samantha (Australia)

Good morning,

We have been using our software now for the past twelve months and it is great.  We would like to continue with the Maintenance cover.  I would also like access the 2 free hours of remote health check service, can you please contact me with further information about this.

Many thanks,

Suzanne (Australia)

"Hi there,

I would like to thank you and your team for your huge help over the last few months to get our corporate digitisation project delivered. Fabian has gone above and beyond to assist us to sort out our scanning requirements and to get Ezescan to interface properly to our new EDRMS. We still have a way to go on this project, but we could not have come as far as we have without his assistance and patience.

Please pass on my thanks to Fabian, and thanks to you and your team as well."

Robbie and Rachel (Australia)

Hi Neil,

Just letting you know I received my Ezescan package today.  Onward & UPWARD!
No issues, Very pleased with the Ezescan software / upgrade making our life easier.

Thank you so much,
Robbie & Rachel